Please keep in mind ourPolicies, Procedures & Terms of Service

To make sure that you and our other guests have a great time during your stay, we have established a few regulations.

RV Park Policies & Procedures

  • Check-In Time: 2 pm, Check-Out Time: 12 pm
  • Please observe quiet hours from 11 pm-8 am
  • Pets must always be attended to and leashed. You must clean up after your pet anywhere on the premises. Pets may be prohibited as necessary. Copy of current vaccinations must be kept on file in the office. No more than two pets allowed per campsite without Lessor permission.
  • Guests outside of immediate family that are on resort property - must check-in and be registered with the office if you do not accompany them.
  • “Doubling Up” is not allowed – only one RV is allowed per site.
  • Speed Limit is 10 MPH. Violators may be fined $100 or dismissed from the Resort.
  • Do not block thruways.
  • Management assumes no liability for loss or damage to property or injury to any person arising out of the use of these facilities. Remember to take care of any valuables you bring with you, and always keep your safety in mind.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Reservations may be cancelled up to 14 days prior to scheduled arrival. A $20 cancellation fee will be charged for any reservation cancelled. Cancellations between 14 days and 96 hours prior to check-in the deposit to book will turn into a camp credit that will expire 1 year from the original reservation date. Cancellations between 96 hours and check-in the deposit will not be refunded and the remaining balance for the reservation will be charged on the card on file.

Terms of Service

  • RV’s and vehicles must be less than ten years old, kept in good working condition with NO LEAKS of any kind. There may be exceptions to the 10-year rule made if the RV is in exceptional condition. Please check with us before reserving. RV’s may be prohibited from entering the Resort if found to be in non-compliance of mechanical, health, age, or safety codes. RV’s and Vehicles found in violation may be removed. All vehicles must have current registration and display a current license plate.
  • No yard art, wooden stairs, underpinning, or latticework or tents permitted. A limited amount of travel/leisure furniture is allowed on-site and is based on management discretion.
  • Large propane tanks are not permitted to be stored outside of the RV.
  • Lessees and their guests shall not engage in any disorderly behavior including, but not limited to, profane language, slander, libel, harassment of employees or guests, disturbing the peace, or excessive noise within the resort at any time.
  • Lessee shall not receive any monetary reparations for allowing guests to stay at Camp Margaritaville RV Resort.
  • No repair/cleaning personnel shall be allowed at the Resort without prior approval of Lessor for each visit. No RV shall be repaired or cleaned with non-approved chemicals.